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our home build journey - our budget blow ♡

This week we came up against our first ‘during construction’ potential budget blowers, and I’ll tell you what getting over the hurdle at this point is much easier said than done 😆

You really feel like you’re already throwing money here there and everywhere, what’s a couple more thousand right? 😅

This weeks hurdle was joinery. A permanent fixture in the house, and something you’re usually very unlikely to change in the future. For us, this little hurdle has been the push / pull of ‘are we going to wish we did this when we get in?’ and do we really NEED to do this? The answer of course to the need question, is no. Will we wish that we changed things when we get in... maybe? 

This week we had to sit down and do some serious thinking about our joinery decisions... and we blew our budget... not by much in the end, just a tad, but we still blew it 🙊 There were two things that we wanted to change in our house, one was all of the bedrooms from awning windows to sliding windows... and the second was the main 5.2metre ranch slider from a stacker door with 6 panes, to a 3 track architectural slider with 3 panes and no ‘fixed’ panes. We went backwards and forwards, and eventually our original home build brief saw us meeting in the middle. Our original brief, was that the hub of the home was most important to us, whilst the bedrooms should still be a comfy space, we both agreed at the beginning of our planning that our splurges would go in our common family areas where we will all spend the most time. So we decided to put the bedroom sliders back on the shelf this week, and we splashed out on a freakin rad as architectural slider for the hub of our home. We justified this purchase by saying it would be great for airflow... you know you’re nearly 30 when you’re justifying your joinery purchases 😆


Our rafters and perlins are going on as we speak, and the house is really starting to take shape. The hub of the home is turning out to be exactly what we had imagined and we really couldn’t be more rapt with the builders that we picked to take along on our home build journey with us. We’ve had a few small product delivery and set up hiccups over the last couple of weeks but the guys at Bay Homes have been nothing but great to deal with 🙌

Up and on our joinery has been ordered - scheduled for delivery early April, and Beau and I have spent the last couple of days painting fascia ready to pop on. Watch this space for a roof next week 🤗


We’re just so excited for all the pending space in our new home, but I do wonder if for a while after tiny living (for what will be almost 3 years by the time we move in) you’ll find us all huddled in one room of the house. I’ve also wondered if the boy’s are even going to want their own bedrooms, or whether they’ll prefer to share still. I can also just about guarantee there will be a few ‘where’s the 2 year old 😳’ moments to be had with the boys living down the opposite end of the house to us ha! 

Catch you again soon! 

Lauren & co x

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